In the van Bommelhoeve Inn you sleep in one of the six rooms in the rear of the farm. For your convenience, are all rooms downstairs and have their own ensuite bathroom with large shower and toilet.

All the B & B rooms have comfortable twin beds each 90×200 cm , which may be set apart. Each bed has two different size pillows. The entire inn has free WiFi. and HD TV is available in a number of rooms.

Room Bourtange
Kamer Herberg de van Bommelhoeve

The Bourtange room is named after the fort that was commissioned (in 1580) by William of Orange on a sandy pass road through the Bourtanger swamp. Between 1967 and 1992 , the fortress was reconstructed. Ramparts were again raised, canals were dug and soldiers barracks were built.

The Bourtange room is the first room as you enter. It is on the corner of the building and oversees like the former Bourtange fortress the coming and going travelers. It is a spacious room that wheelchair friendly. Here are two comfortable hotel box springs .


Room Liefstinghsbroek

This room is named after the Liefstinghsbroek nature reserve on this side of the van Bommelhoeve Inn. It is one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands . The area is accessible only under the supervision of the park ranger. It is designated as a Natura 2000 area..

Liefstinghsbroek kamer in de B&B Herberg de van Bommelhoeve

Here are two comfortable hotel box spring beds.

Room Nonnerie
The van Bommelhoeve Inn was a farm untill it was bought in 1972 by the Catholic Hospital St. Luke in Winschoten and converted into holiday accommodation for the nuns that were employed in the hospital. You will find a long wooden table in the central guest area that was used by the nuns.

With the Nonnerie room we remember this period. At the time slept the nuns very close together, the current Nonnerie room has two comfortable hotel box springs, a luxury that the nuns at that time could only dream about …..

Room Peat
The peat room is named after the minig of peat, that formed a large part of the landscape in southeast Groningen and the German border area. In a once a very large raised bog complex, almost all peat was excavated and a completely new landscape was created, dominated development along some channels. There are two comfortable hotel box spring beds.

Room Lakenvelder
The cows you can see grazing in the surrounding natural area include Lakenvelders. This is a ancient race that can be recognized by the white band between the front and rear legs . Here are two comfortable hotel box springs .

Room Africa
What has Africa to do with southeast Groningen? Answer, nothing! But it has everything to do with the Inn owners, for us Africa  was a long stay in Zambia, and a very important period . The room is adjacent to the front house. Here are two comfortable hotel box springs .