B&B rooms

At the van Bommelhove Inn you sleep in of our six rooms at the rear of the former farm house. All rooms at the Inn are situated on the ground floor for your comfort and have pri vate ensuite bathrooms with a shower and toilet.

Vakantiehuisjes Bommelhoeve


In addition to the Inn there are two holiday cottages). They are located at the edge of the forest overlooking the fields and woods of Groningen Westerwolde

The Bommelhoeve Inn

When the nuns 40 years ago converted this “oldambster” farmhouse to a holiday retreat they had no idea of what the future eventually would be.  Words like “Hermeandering van Ruiten Aa, plan Ellersinghuizer veld, EHS Westerwolde” did not exist yet. At that time there was a fantastic building, just outside the village Vlagtwedde, in a farming area close the Metbroekbos woods. Today, almost all the farmland around the van Bommelhoeve Inn has been converted to nature, bringing back the situation from around the year 1850. The landscape reminds most people more of the Drenthe province, with wooded areas and fields.

Old farmhuis from around 1900

The Inn is from around 1900 and of the “Oldambster” farmhouse type. This type is characterised by the long roofed building, toward the front the farmhouse “schrinks” and becomes the living quarters for the farmer (or Innkeeper). The roof is supported by wooden posts, that divide the farm is 4 meter sections, most of these are still visible today.  The B&B rooms are in the back of the building on sides, areas formerly used for cow stabling. In the middle, under the wooden beams you will find the lounge with a fireplace, the old nuns table for dining and a reading table. The mezzanine is for games like darts, chess and cards.

The entire rear of the farm is for our guests, as is the attached conservatory where you can have breakfast or just relax. Outside you may enjoy the large garden and terrace. The van Bommelhoeve Inn is located close to Bourtange, in the south east of Groningen (north Netherlands) close to the German border.

Hiking & Binking

Nice hiking and biking routes lead you to Vlagtwedde, to Vesting Bourtange and the Klooster in Ter Apel.